About ABN

I’m Amanda Barnes and I am a Registered Dietitian with my Masters in Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems.

This blog was created for people who want take to a deeper dive into what we eat, how we eat and how it impacts our health and planet. I want to help you sort through confusing nutrition information, fad diets, trendy foods and give you the resources to eat a healthier more sustainable diet- but not obsess over it.

I was born and raised in Michigan but now live in Manila, Philippines with my boyfriend and our two rescue dogs. I am cookbook obsessed, everywhere I travel I try and get a local cookbook – I now have way to many, if there is such a thing.

I have always loved food, mostly eating it, but also reading, cooking, and talking about it. I chose dietetics as my major during my freshman orientation in college and I have never looked back. Healthy eating is a journey and I started this blog to share all the resources to make that journey delicious and dare I say fun!

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