3 Ways People are Reducing Food Waste + Enjoy More, Waste Less Infographic!

1. Americans aren’t the only ones wasting perfectly good food. This article explains different ways, apps, and websites throughout Europe that are helping to reduce the amount of wasted food in each country.

2. This is an amazing app just launched to help connect restaurants with extra food to consumers at a sale price. The app is available to people living in London for now but hopefully will expand in the future!

3. “This is not just a charity; it’s not just about feeding people, this is about social inclusion, teaching people about food waste and giving hope to people who have lost all hope.”The Olympics may be over but this food waste story is not. Celebrity Italian chef Massimo Bottura saw an opportunity and turned it into a restaurant. We have all seen articles on how much food and calories Olympic athletes consume, but what about the food that is not? This article is incredibly inspiring and brings to light the problem of wasted food and hunger that is happening around the world.

Great Resources to help you reduce food waste:

  1. LeanPath
  2. PRCH
  3. Society of St. Andrews

Food Waste Infographic


The Best Corn and Tomato Summer Risotto! With No Waste Vegetable Broth

Heirloom Tomatoes

Tomatoes and corn, summer staples. They are the star of this best ever summer risotto. I see no cook recipes everywhere, and I totally get it, but the DC summer heat wasn’t about to stop me from making this fresh and flavorful risotto. Two secrets to making this the best:

  1. Fresh local corn and tomatoes
  2. Homemade vegetable stock

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10 Day Road Trip Down Routa 40, Patagonia


into the sun

10 days, 4 girls, 1 small car, 1,300 miles and an epic adventure through Argentina and Chile. This trip has been top on my bucket list for a long time and I was lucky enough to make it a reality in early March. With so many amazing photos and memories to share I have put off this blog post for a long time because I just couldn’t narrow it down.

Vegetarian options were surprisingly delicious and available throughout our trip, even in the small towns. I am not a vegetarian but many times prefer the veggies, although I must say there is nothing like an Argentine steak!

There is so much to love about this beautiful world and embarking on a (foreign and adventurous) cross country road trip did not disappoint.

Day 1 – Flight from Buenos Aires to Bariloche

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