Carrot Cake Recipe & Sally’s Middle Name- Restaurant Review

Every year since living in DC, I make my sister her all time favorite dessert- Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. Every year I try a new recipe hoping it will be better than the last. This year according to my sister “Was the best yet!” Mission accomplished. Recipe is at the end of this post. We also have a tradition of going out to a restaurant of the birthday person’s choice (as I am sure many people do. So far we have hit up- Thai x-ing, Little Serow, Komi, Barcelona, Roses Luxury, Ambar, and I am sure I am missing a few but all have been fantastic! This year Steph picked a spot none of us had been to before, Sally’s Middle Name. Continue reading


Cooking Class in Luberon, Provence and Poached Pear Recipe

One of the highlights of our trip to France was, with out a doubt, this cooking class(click for link), called Cuisine de Chef. Surrounded by the spectacular French countryside of mountains, vineyards, and orchards, I can’t think of a more perfect setting to feel submerged into the serene Provence. Even if you do not attend the cooking class, visiting the historic hill top villages of Luberon is an absolute must. We stumbled upon a small wine tasting event after our lunch and explored the magical little village with a glass in hand 🙂
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Sunday Round-Up

This weeks round-up meal plan is a diverse one. I don’t like to put days to the plan because I think it is too restrictive, maybe you don’t feel like eating stew on Monday but Wednesday it sounds good. So I will just give you the links and do with them what you want. A quick and easy kale and quinoa bowl for a busy night, and makes a great next day lunch. Hearty curry and lentil stew for the coldest day of the week. A fun and different pizza for pizza and movie night, or the House of Cards Marathon. This vegan butternut squash carbonara is to die for, you will not miss the meat I promise! Let me know what you think and tag me on Insta if you make any of these.  Continue reading