Wigglier Blessing


I don’t normally do this but I am feeling inspired and contemplative on this rainy December morning. I woke up feeling calm and happy, with the dark sky sprinkling down, traffic didn’t upset me, sitting at my desk I feel ready to go for the day. I opened a new book to this poem and I thought it was too good not to share. The holidays are fast approaching and everyone is starting to stress about the gifts they have yet to buy for friends and family, missing loved ones who will not be here this year to celebrate, and getting ready for holiday travels. I hope you can take a moment to slow down, read this, breath, feel calmer, and remember what the season is about.

I wish you health.

I wish you wealth.

That passes not with time.

I wish you long years.

May your heart be as patient as the earth

Your love as warm as the harvest gold.

May your days be full, as the city is full

Your nights as joyful dancers.

May your arms be as welcoming as home.

May your faith be as enduring as God’s love

Your spirit as valiant as your heritage.

May your hand be as sure as a friend

Your dreams as hopeful as a child.

May your soul be as brave as your people

And may you be blessed.

-Wrigglier Blessing

On another note- this recipe for quick bread was in my inbox this morning and I am definitely looking forward to making it tonight!

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